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My Chai Lifeline Fundraising Page

Amy Schwartz

Bake Sale for Refuah of Yakira Leeba Bat Sara Gita

Please help me support Chai Lifeline by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance Chai Lifeline's great cause! Chai Lifeline has been a tremendous support to my family this year! My sweet 4-month old niece, Kiki, has had quite an exciting journey these past few months as she is adjusting to her new ventilator and feeding tube. Thank G-d she in a rehabilitation center and is hopefully on the next stage to bring her home! So as a thank you to Chai Lifeline, I have decided to give back the best way I know how, through a Bake Sale! Chai Lifeline has been there to bring delicious food to my brother, sister in law and family who were at the hospital daily for lunch and dinner, made special packages for the Chagim to make them feel, even for a minute, that their Chag was "normal". Chai Lifeline sent over everything my family needed every Shabbos from "Shabbos in a box" to pre-wrapped hot food in the warming drawers in the Bikur Cholim room! *Shout out to the 6th Floor snack room!* Additionally, they have been helpful in Kiki's transition to rehab, providing us with food and volunteers as well! Join us on Thursday, January 9th at 7:30PM at my home for lots of delicious desserts from talented bakers and vendors and let's support Chai Lifeline together! For more information on Kikis journey, read her blog written by her incredible parents:


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