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Mount Kilimanjaro January 2018

Gary Bauman

Gary's Quest To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Imagine being told your child has a life-threatening illness. Or worse imagine being that child. Chai Lifeline is an organization which helps families cope with pediatric illness, loss or trauma. They assist families from the point of medical trauma until they can once again function independently. Chai Lifeline brings hope to sick children, their families, and their communities. In just a few weeks I will be embarking on an incredible personal journey. Along with my daughter, Dalia, I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa. Although this has been a personal goal of mine for some time, I have decided to look outward and turn this into something good for others. I therefore have decided to raise funds through this effort for Chai Lifeline. The point of this email is to ask for your support. My trek is not going to be easy. But neither is the life a child with cancer or other life-threatening illness. As I climb to 19,341 ft. I will be thinking of the mountains these children face each and every day. I have seen the wonderful work that Chai Lifeline does. It's flagship program, Camp Simcha, is a place where over 400 children each summer get to simply be normal kids for a few weeks. This is what I will be thinking of during my quest. My goal is to raise $19,341 by January 7th and I hope you will partner with me to reach this goal. Please feel free to forward this email to others in your network who may be interested in joining this effort or post it to your social media.


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