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Caleb Mazal's 14th Birthday

Ellen Hollander-Sande

Caleb Mazal Hollander Sande Birthday Fundraiser

On December 29, 2006, our beautiful Caleb / Chaim Mazal came into this world and for 6 years, 8 months, and 5 days we were blessed to be with him. It is heartbreaking that we don't have a 14 year old Caleb here with us, and to think of what an incredible young man he would have been. Please help us honor his memory and do good in his merit!

Instead of our usual Toy Drive in honor of Caleb's birthday, this year due to the pandemic we are fundraising to provide funds directly to Chai Lifeline / Camp Simcha, who were such an incredible support for Caleb and for us during his illness. Please help us honor his memory and support Chai Lifeline in their mission to bring support and joy to kids with cancer and other illnesses, and their families.


raised of $1,080 goal

Recent Donations

1. RBRushie Bieler
2. EE, D, A, & W
With love.
3. LGLora Dibner Garcia
In honor of Caleb ❤️
4. DCDebra Nussbaum Cohen
In memory of beautiful Caleb
5. RSRenee And Hervey Sande
In loving memory of our little grandson, Caleb Mazal.
6. SCShana Corey