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Nava's Bas Mitzvah Bake Sale

Nava Levine

Nava's Bas Mitzvah Bake Sale

Nava and her baking team are raising money
For Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic in honor of her becoming a Bas Mitzvah. Please help her with this special project!


$1.00/ Lg Square
$8.00/ 8” Pan

Crinkle Cookies
$1.00/ 2 Cookies
$5.00/ Dozen

$1.00/ 2 Cookies
$5.00/ Dozen

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Muffins
$10/ Half Dozen

May we share many more simchas together!

* All items are home-baked and Pareve.
** All proceeds will be donated to Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic.


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. LkLynne Kness
2. AAnonymous
Mazel Tov on becoming Bas Mitzva what a special fundraiser this is!
3. ANAdina Noff
4. LBLeah Berry
5. mpMenachem Posner
Mazal tov, Nava, on becoming bas mitzvah. May you give your parents, grandparent, aunts, uncles, brother, sister, teachers, friends, and everyone much nachas! We love you and are so proud of you! The Posners
6. EGEsther Goodman