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Elise Harrison's 50th Birthday Fundraiser

Elise Harrison

In Memory of My Student, Coby Rosemore

In honor of my 50th birthday, I would like to celebrate in a way that will be meaningful as well as helpful to the Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic Region, an organization that is very close to my heart. Chai Lifeline brings normalcy to children whose lives are not normal because of very serious illness. They bring the children games, take them to sporting events and make them feel like the kids that they are. My student, Coby, who passed away recently, was a big part of Chai Lifeline. In his memory, I am creating a fund, and I am trying to raise $5,000. This organization brings hope and joy to children with life-threatening illnesses. It would mean so much to me, the volunteers, and most of the children if you would honor my birthday with a gift to Chai Lifeline. Every gift makes a difference. Donations to this page go directly to benefiting the children of our Mid-Atlantic region, a region that Coby himself founded. Please contribute in Coby's memory today.


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