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Welcome to my Kids4Chai page!

Yonatan Gemal

Yonatan Gemal

Hi! Thanks so much taking an interest in my Kids4Chai effort! You can help me make my school year even more meaningful by contributing to my Kids4Chai page!

I LOVE summer! I like everything about it - the fun, the things we do, and the friends we meet and keep. I would be so bored if I couldn't go to camp or do exciting activities during my summer vacation.

That's why I am doing this. Kids who are too sick for camp must feel extra awful during the summer. I'm helping to send them to Camp Simcha/Camp Simcha Special, Chai Lifeline's summer camps for sick children, so that they can forget about being sick and have a great time this summer, too. By helping me, you're helping them!

Thank you for showing YOU TRULY CARE for Chai Lifeline's kids!

Thank you!

Best - Yonatan



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You never give up when you want to achieve a goal. You helped a lot of kids & make us so proud!!!
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