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Jonathan Rhein

An act of chesed (kindness) for my birthday!

My name is Jonathan Rhein, AKA JonJon! They say that on your birthday (typically your hebrew but I am celebrating my english), you have super powers. Because it is a special day, God gives you super powers. TODAY, November 16th, I would like to use ALL of my super powers to do an act of chesed for a refuah for my best friend. I have decided to donate some of my birthday money to Chai Lifeline. They are an unbelievable organizaton that helps families & kids that are not well. TODAY, I would like all of my friends to do an act of chesed for the refuah of my best friend. The easiest act of chesed is giving tzedakah (charity). The power of prayer & acts of chesed is a real thing, so please share this with all of your friends so God hears all of us!


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