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Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic Region

Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic

Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic

Pediatric illness has a dramatic effect on the entire family.

So does Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic.

Since its inception in January 2016, the Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic family has grown tremendously. With 160 active volunteers assisting over 100 families in Maryland and Washington D.C., Chai Lifeline is setting a new standard in pediatric care and services for families facing life-threatening illness or loss.

We need your help to continue doing what we are doing.

Please consider donating to Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic today.


raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. TTTehila Traub
2. RFRichard Fein
3. MDMiriam Dachs
For a Refuah Shelaimah of Tinok Ben Avital
4. DGDiane Greenspun
In honor of the beautiful spirit of SarahtheGrateful and her forever Rosenbaum/Stevens family
5. mkMichael Khoshkeraman
6. AAviva Rubin and Chaya Wecker
We raised this by selling snowballz today, in memory of Coby and Melissa. We appreciate all the good things that you do and we want to help out a little. We hope to continue raising more money for Chai Lifeline because it means a lot to us.