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Hang Coby's Artwork in Your Home!

Adi Singerman

Coby's Artwork Sale

You've asked for it... now we have it! Purchase a high-quality print of Coby's legendary artwork, with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the children of the Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic region. These incredible paintings by Coby are sure to brighten and inspire your room, your home, and life.


5x7 print: minimum of $50 donation
8x10 print: minimum of $125 donation
11x14 print: minimum of 200 donation
20x16 print: minimum of $300 donation
SPECIAL OFFER: Commission an original artwork: minimum of $720

Let's show COBY how much we love his paintings!

Once you make a donation, kindly reach out to Adi at adi.singerman@gmail.com. She'll be in touch with you to help select the size and print you choose!


Coby's Chai Lifeline Volunteers


raised of $5,000 goal

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