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Raise 3k for Camp Simcha!!

Azriel Kirschenbaum

My Chai Lifeline Fundraising Page

Hi, my name is Azriel Kirschenbaum, I am a student at Yeshivat Torat Shraga. Here at yeshiva we have the, “ Caleb Challenge.” This is when we commemorate a previous student at Torat Shraga that died of cancer. Caleb battled cancer for 3 years before he died. Nevertheless he came to yeshiva. Unfortunately he left midway and passed away soon after. This got me thinking.... what can I do that will help kids going through similar struggles: raising money for Camp Simcha! An amazing place where kids going through these hard times can have the summers of their lives. Children with cancer have always had a special place in my heart. It hurts me to see these kids get their childhood taken from them due to these ailments. My goal is to raise $3,000! In honor of all these brave warriors I vow blei neder to take it upon myself to go to vasikin for a month(except on shabbos). Not only will i go to vasikin, but also I will shave my head to show respect to these special fighters!  So please donate,  anything counts thanks so much! (I already have $1600 on GoFundMe but I figured I should make the rest on chialifeline so people can get tax receipts)


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