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Ariel's Bar Mitzva Project!

Ariel Evgey

In Loving Memory of Steven Schuman

In memory of Steven Schuman, I am fundraising $5,000 for Chai Lifeline. With this amazing tzedaka, I will be honoring Steven's memory by arranging a special BOATING trip for Chai Lifeline's sick children in the Baltimore area. As part of Ariel's Bar Mitzva project, he had two great ideas that we were able to combine into one. The first, was in the remembrance of our dear friend Steve Schuman, who had passed away in the recent months. The second, was to contribute and give back to a fantastic organization, which most of your are familiar with, Chai Lifeline. By collecting for this great cause, 100% of the raised funds will go to Chai Lifeline in our community and help subsidize a boating activity. Our hope is that by putting a smile on a few faces, we can, not only remember Steve and what he loved doing, but also reflect his passion of making other people happy. Please help me make this amazing boating trip happen for Chai Lifeline's kids! -Ariel


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