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In Honor of Linda Douek’s 60th Birthday! 's Page

Michelle Gindi

In Honor of Linda Douek’s 60th Birthday!

My mom, Linda Douek, is turning 60 on February 28, 2019. She is blessed with abundance and requests a donation in lieu of any gifts. When we visited Camp Simcha last year, she was blown away with the amazing facilities, warm hearted staff and the entire operation. This organization is doing so many wonderful things to help children in need that we would love to honor her with your donations. Thank you!


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Recent Donations

1. FLFrieda Lubin
Happy birthday many more
2. EMEvelyn Mlabasati
3. JSJeanne Shiram
Happy birthday Linda!! Abal 120 happy and healthy years!! Love u!
4. ALAllison Levy
Happy Haapy Birthday Linda! Words cannot express how much I really love you. From day one You made me feel like I was your own daughter. I cannot thank you enough for always opening your house and heart to me (and now to my family). Wishing you lots of health, laughter and love in the years to come. Love always Allison levy
5. RCRenna Calvo
In honor of a wonderful friend!!
6. CECheryl Esses
Happy birthday Linda!! Always fun and happy times❤. Love Cheryl