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My Chai Lifeline Fundraising Page

Elisheva, Rachel, And Yaffa Of Kind Klothes

The Kind Klothes

Hi there! Welcome to our Chai Lifeline fundraising page! Your purchase at The Kind Klothes will benefit this fundraising page for Chai Lifeline! YAY! Our mission at The Kind Klothes is to sell custom designed shirts, courtesy of Mrs. Sharon Berger of the Nexus Marketing Group, with all proceeds going to this very chesed!!! To purchase a shirt, visit our website @ In addition to our website, you can help support Chai Lifeline by making a contribution to this fundraiser directly on this page, and sharing this with your family and friends! Every dollar we raise will advance Chai Lifeline's great cause! Additionally, you can email us @ thekindklothes@gmail.com to ask how you can get involved too! Together, we can make a difference! Thank you and have a snazzy day, The Kind Klothes :)


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