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A Sweet Tribute to Arlene Peller’s Kind Heart

Zachary Peller

Waffle Station in honor of my Bubby

We are raising money in memoriam of Arlene Rose Peller, a licensed therapist and dessert enthusiast, her passion for life, charity, family and community inspires many every day to follow in her impossibly large footsteps and for one help to, in her legacy, enhance an amazing Chai Lifeline tradition in the form of the “Moms to Moms” event. This is traditionally a get together with a craft or the like, and an opportunity for mothers of sick children to bond and gain support from each other. I say “traditionally” because, with COVID, Chai Lifeline needs to painstakingly spread out the event over a longer period of the day, and with masks and social distancing, it makes bonding and socializing more of a challenge (especially for moms of immunocompromised children!). Yet, at the same time the moms thrive from even the reduced connection – for some, this is a rare opportunity for any connection. This Sunday (January 10th, 2021) will be a cooking demo along with pre-sponsored food on the side. However, the organizer told me that if we had a sponsor, she is dreaming of adding a waffle bar which she estimates would cost $650. With such passion for helping others (and dessert), such a dream cannot be ignored. That is where we come in: to enhance this event and to help spread the warmth and kindness where my Bubby, Arlene Rose Peller, left off (January 30th, 2013). Join us in spreading the sweetness she shared to the world every single day.


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